April 4th, 2021

Imagination Figment #6 is a manipulated image, composed of several photographs that I shot on my iPhone 11 Pro, smashed together. The photographs have nothing in common. One is the remnants of some balsamic vinegar on a plate from long ago. And the other is a snapshot of the frontier of where the wall meets the ceiling -- in other words, the ennui -- of an apartment I tend to occupy.

But it is in the act of smashing them that we create fusion and start to get at cosmic truths.

January 26th, 2021

Capital efficient price discovery mechanisms will transform markets for nonfungibles and other illiquid assets

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Today, most people following nonfungibles observe that it is a very illiquid asset class and feel it is likely to stay that way. What may not be obvious is that, in the context of blockchain’s cryptoeconomic mechanisms, “liquidity” is merely a mechanism design problem being rapidly solved. In this post, I would like to dive into how cryptoeconomics will financialize the NFT space, improve its liquidity profile, and extend this technology to other illiquid assets over time.