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Jake Brukhman

Jake Brukhman

Founder & CEO @ CoinFund
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Using Jargon CLI in Jargon v0.2.0

The Jargon CLI is a new feature of Jargon: it is a command line shell that works with the OpenAI API and allows you to experiment with Jargon programs quickly. You can try it out in v0.2.0 at the Jargon Github repo

New features in Jargon v0.0.12

If you are not familiar with Jargon, start at the introductory article and Github.

How to bring blockchain to market

If I were to try to bring blockchain to market all over again, I would do it completely differently. I would realize that mainstream users are absolutely not ready to shift their internet paradigm. Instead, they have to have their world Trojan horsed by decentralization technologies, bottom up, inside out.
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Jargon: an LLM-based pseudolanguage for prompt engineering

🚨 You are about to enter the realm of LLM pseudolanguages. Pseudolanguages are weird, experimental, and crazy. They don’t work very well yet, even on state-of-the-art LLMs. Use pseudolanguages at your own risk. Do not use them for anything with high stakes or in production.

Open neural networks: the intersection of AI and web3

Jake Brukhman
September 23
by Rishin Sharma & Jake Brukhman.

CoinFund begins its eighth year

The blockchain technology space proceeds in cycles. Today, in July of 2022, we are in a downturn but with more reasons than ever to be excited about the future. July 1st marks seven years since CoinFund was founded at my kitchen table in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the 2015 Bitcoin bear market. Indeed, as a firm we spent four and a half of the last seven years navigating bear market conditions. Now, as we begin our eighth year as a firm, it’s worth reflecting on just how far the industry — and CoinFund — have come in that time.

Fat protocols are not an investment thesis

Note: The original content of this post was first published on Medium on October 26th, 2017. It was one of my most cited articles, and remains an operative view on value capture in the web3 stack at CoinFund today.
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The one-way doors of innovation

In the course of observing an innovation process, periodically we come to a one-way door. Once we walk through that door, we can never go back.

Imagination Figment #6

Imagination Figment #6 is a manipulated image, composed of several photographs that I shot on my iPhone 11 Pro, smashed together. The photographs have nothing in common. One is the remnants of some balsamic vinegar on a plate from long ago. And the other is a snapshot of the frontier of where the wall meets the ceiling -- in other words, the ennui -- of an apartment I tend to occupy.