How to bring blockchain to market

If I were to try to bring blockchain to market all over again, I would do it completely differently. I would realize that mainstream users are absolutely not ready to shift their internet paradigm. Instead, they have to have their world Trojan horsed by decentralization technologies, bottom up, inside out.

I would still start with cryptocurrencies. Digital asset capital formation is key to sustainability of the space, and we need a strong base of aligned technical users and traders to fight the regulatory battles and support the investment environment.

But the strategy that I would repurpose would be the decentralized network go-to-market. Forget finance. I would start with engineering teams broadly as customers and give them high-value decentralization technology alternatives that have obvious efficiencies and advantages.

I would start building a bottom up web3 d-network stack of storage, computation, video transcoding, AI training and inference, domain management, databases, indexing, and CDN protocols.

In other words, I would attack blockchain adoption by attacking the core infrastructure dominated by Big Tech. If I could, I would focus absolutely the overwhelming majority of all blockchain engineering and capital on this problem.

I would make these services just as easy to use and easier than what’s in the market, with simple APIs across all languages and platforms (like what @polywrap_io is doing with WASM API standardization).

The networks would offer incontrovertible (and uncontroversial) paradigm shifts for engineers like 80% cost savings, privacy, and security. At scale, decentralized web services (dWS) would eat AWS and Google Cloud margins alive.

Developer teams would be well equipped to adopt wallets, private keys, security credentials, and new architectures. There would come to be a new class of non-core crypto supporters (“the general developer”) in a few years.

Then the paradigm shift would continue up the stack. Mainstream users would get a web3 experience equivalent to web2, and their switching cost would become negative. An individual can only win by swearing off the chains of Big Tech and converting their data, usage, attention, and capital into a self-sovereign crypto public good decentralized network.

But the reality is that we started at the top of the stack with dapps that mainstream users can’t use and don’t understand. It’s not too late to execute my strategy, however, and that’s what I think the next few years will be all about.

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